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Computers at Home

How many computers do you own and actively use (daily). Work and home combined.
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  • Gerrit rijnsma
    Gerrit rijnsma At least 7. (Also some very old.)
    July 19, 2011
  • Enormous Johnson
    Enormous Johnson A P-IV, an Atom dual core Netbook, and a relic a K-6 II I run Puppy on.
    July 31, 2012
  • jason ritson
    jason ritson three in my house
    1st - samsung R60+ 2ghz with 2GB ram (2008) wattos (sons) he inherited it of me
    2nd - zoomstorm 2.3ghz with 8GB ram (2012) wattos (mine)
    3rd - home made 2ghz oc to 3ghz with 2GB ram (2008) windows xp (wifes) she inherited it of me (i sta...  more
    September 18, 2012