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laptop battery life with microwatt7.5

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    January 1, 2014 6:37 AM PST

    I have replaced my windows8 installation with microwatt7.5...

    In windows8 battery life was 1.5-2hours max.

    With microwatt7.5: 3 hours plus!


    My compliments to the chef :)

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    January 1, 2014 4:01 PM PST

    A belated welcome to the forums, matthew.


    Your observation should stir the owners of older laptops and netbooks.  

    You might be interested in an earlier thread in these forums on power consumption, in which Biff showed the Kill A Watt meter in use for various OS installs.  (Use the forum search facility) 

    An update of that study would probably show the Win versions in an even worse light (due in no small part to heavy duty anti-virus demands), and might show some *nix distros with "desktop effects" have headed the same direction. 


    I agree with your sentiment - we're fortunate to have wattOS.