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wattOS in a commercial environment

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    November 21, 2013 8:25 PM PST

    Having now used wattOS 7.5 Mate 64bit on my laptop (Dell Precision M65) for a month or so, I am very pleased to say that I'm still happy with it and still impressed. I am a Linux systems administrator (for a small company) and  I'm seriously considering rolling it out to my users who are currently on Ubuntu 12.04. I have had two users as trailers for about a week now and so far so good.


    Before I commit myself to a roll out I'd like to get some kind of confirmation that when the next longterm Ubuntu release comes along (14.04) the wattOS developers will be making a Mate version again. Could Biff and his team confirm that this would be the case?


    For my purposes I do not want any more applications installed by default, what is provided is just fine. I do install Firefox and Libre Office for myself and my users amongst other applications. The beauty of wattOS for me is that so few applications are installed by default as that means I do not have to remove 3/4's of the software before I can set things up for my users.


    I like (and so do my users) the Mate desktop. It gives us a familiar desktop enviroment that works well and we can get on with our work rather than fiddling with desktop setings and trying to findout where the hell Ubutu unity  has hidden something.

    At the end of the day, wattOS along with the Mate desktop gives us a work environment that does the needed and leaves us free to work. It's not as pretty as Unity but it's pretty enough.

    Once again, thankyou Biff and also thank you to your team. If you can assure me about your intentions for the next release, I'd be most grateful and will continue to roll out wattOS to the rest of my users.