• wattOS R9 Released!
    Posted by biff baxter May 31, 2015

    wattOS R9 Released!

    The wattOS team is pleased to announce the release of the newest version of wattOS – Release 9 – (also known as R9). We have made the switch back to Ubuntu as the upstream distro and built the latest version from 14.04 LTS for long term support and stability.


    We have simplified things this time around with wattOS and are only releasing two types of desktops. Previously having the extra desktop versions created additional work. This time we are more focused and have released only two desktop versions.


    R9 – LXDE – 32 and 64bit

    R9 – Microwatt – 32 and 64bit


    Be sure to check out the wattOS Information link at the top of the page for more details. Also the forums to chat with others and ask questions, and our newly created wiki will also be built out with information in the coming days. We have also created some videos to help.....Enjoy!