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  • wattOS - R7.5 Released!
    Posted by biff baxter October 10, 2013

    wattOS 7.5 is released! - Go read up in the forums or the "wattOS Information" link above to learn more! Spread the word. Come join us on IRC if you like. 


    - If you want to join the forums -please read the IRC and forum information below 


    Now go download and have fun! DO NOT upgrade to 13.10 if asked to do so. visit our forums for advice


    If you would like to join the wattOS forums (We have made them by invite only for now). Simply use the contact link at the bottom of each web page to request it, or go to our google+ page and request a forum account, or tweet us @wattOSLinux and someone will create an account for you quickly. You can also email direct ([email protected]) for forum invites. (Gerry, Leenie, and Biff are your friendly Mods)



    The liveCD has a default user name of "guest" (which you must type in)with a blank password. (just hit enter).

  • Come chat on IRC with wattOS!
    Posted by biff baxter July 24, 2013

    If you would like to talk live, get help and generally talk to other wattOS folks, then head on over to our IRC chat room that was generously donated by member (and member of the core wattOS team - Gerry Beale) - its super easy using mibbit right from your browser to chat with us. So come on over. Biff will be on at least several times a week as we have new and exciting things we are working on. GO HERE TO CHAT 

What's New

  • Paul Popeyus
    Paul Popeyus has added a new profile photo.
    • April 17
  • david linares
    david linares if anyone likes what they see on my deviantart page your then welcome to use it more to come.
    COMPUTERMANMIK428 (David) on deviantART
    • April 14
  • david linares
    david linares i tested the iso and it's perfect everything works right out of the box, the only thing it doesn't see all 4gb of ram.
    • April 13
    • gerry beale likes this.
    • david linares
      gerry beale 32 bit doesnt see 4 gig anyway.. it usually only sees about 3.5 gig ish if memory serves me right
    • david linares
      david linares it didn't see 3.5gb either, pae kernel should help of helped that. btw i didn't see update manager.
    • david linares
      gerry beale there is no update manager in there yet david.. all done through synaptic or terminal :)
      • April 14
    • david linares
      gerry beale in terminal david.. can you issue command free -m and tell me what your pc can see.. my compaq presario cq57 lappy has 4 gig ram installed and mine sees 3543 megabytes = 3.5GB :)
      • April 15
    • david linares
      gerry beale also in terminal... sudo apt-get install lshw then once installed run command sudo lshw -C memory and look at *-bank:1 :) note this command was with a CAPITAL C not lowercase c :) this should help us identify if you have an issue with your iso or if ...  more
      • April 15
  • gerry beale
    gerry beale Live on IRC now for the next 4 hours if anyone wants to pop on and say hi and have a chat
    • April 12
  • biff baxter
    biff baxter read the forum announcement regarding heartbleed bug if you are interested.
    PlanetWatt - Heartbleed bug and wattOS 7 and 7.5
    • April 10
  • BALLOON a.k.a. Fu-sen.
    BALLOON a.k.a. Fu-sen. has added a new profile photo.
    • April 9
  • BALLOON a.k.a. Fu-sen.
    BALLOON a.k.a. Fu-sen. has just signed up. Say hello!
  • biff baxter
    biff baxter I will be live on IRC the next three days to discuss all thing wattOS R8 - basic time is in the calendar link above. For those that are UTC challenged, its at 4PM PDT west coast USA time for the next 3 days!
    • April 8
  • david linares
    david linares i can see you change the logo a bit.
    • April 8
  • Toshi Makihara
    Toshi Makihara has added a new profile photo.
    • April 4