• wattOS R9 and News
    Posted by biff baxter April 11

    wattOS R9 Release and News




    Greetings all...After a bit of a delay, wattOS R9 is getting done and nearing release. 7 years of releases and we are hoping you will like this version even more than ever. We will be sending beta tester invites out for a select few very soon to test the latest version of wattOS. We are also going to be making some minor changes to the website and looks over the next few weeks.


    Its always an exciting time when releases are near, so watch this space (and the forums) for details on the build, release, and pics, videos, etc.

    The web site will slowly get updated (its priority is secondary other than the forums) to the OS getting released :). But a few quick notes on the menu links above.

    • Forums will take you to the "new" forums which have been in place for a year. 
    • Archives will take you to the "old forums" which are only for reference at this point.
    • wattOS Information will always have the release notes (along with the forums)
    • Downloads will have the new and old downloads of course (direct and torrent)

    This page will have the general announcements, updates, and interesting tidbits as they arise. The forums of course is where the action is, and IRC and other resources are available thanks to the help of the community.




    Full steam ahead!